Facts & Figures

CORE at a glance

CORE's success story, and in particular its sustainability of development, is reflected in the company's following facts and figures. Below, we have summarised and illustrated key indicators of our current development. The figures are representative of 2016 and highlight the dimensions of locations, diversity of employees, and budgets under management.


CORE has offices in Berlin, Dubai, London and Zurich. In 2016 we completed projects in China (Hong Kong), Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. With a total of 85 projects in 2016, CORE covers five industries and sectors: banking, insurance, automotive, biotech and the public sector.


Our more than 120 COREmembers from 20 nations focus on the topics of IT strategy development, IT architecture, solution design, and software development. The CORE associates working for clients have graduated in various disciplines: 39% from STEM subjects (science, technology, computer engineering and mathematics), 49% from business economics and 12% from humanities.

CORE is committed to the theme of diversity and agility. This is reflected in the fact that 30% of our employees are female and we have an average age of 31. We are proud of the fact that we can live with high cultural diversity and at the same time use this to bring different perspectives together for our clients and projects.

Project Budget under Management

In the projects carried out by CORE in 2016, IT budgets (CtC and RtC) totalling EUR 2.1 billion (project budgets under management) were allocated. We are proud of the fact that clients trust us and regard this as a commitment to the future.