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    • Leadership

      Our leadership is structured according to business responsibility, region and expertise. This facilitates leveraging our specialist knowledge to expand our client base and enhance our market position steadily in order to balance institutional as well as individual growth according to high professional standards. CORE is managed as a partnership acting as first point of contact for both our clients as well as all COREmembers.

    • Experts

      Expert knowledge at CORE: deep vertical domain knowledge, long-standing and specific academic or industrial experience, highly networked in the professional community and accepted in a worldwide peer group. Ready to make an impact with colleagues, acting horizontally aligned, according to the highest professional communication standards. Our secret for success: friction-locked cooperation of experts and generalists.

    • Generalists

      Generalists' expertise at CORE: horizontal context orientation, highly adaptive and analytical competence, communicative strength, will to structure, as well as, to cultivate cooperation as a competitive advantage, for clients and colleagues alike. Willing to ensure results together with colleagues, acting vertically aligned, in accordance with professional requirements. Our secret for success: friction-locked cooperation of experts and generalists.

    • Base

      Our base secures our gradual increase in maturity of the institution CORE: service orientation for clients and colleagues guaranteed at all times, support before, during and after projects, for example in knowledge management, securing regulatory and legal requirements, development of support processes and tools as well as ensuring the highest standards in HR and finance.

    Competence Leads

    The base ensures the organizational maturity level of CORE. Focus of our colleagues' activities lies on providing support before, during and after projects, securing regulatory and legal requirements, introduction, further development and maintenance of methods, processes and tools, and ensuring the highest standards in HR and finance.


    Our base colleagues are characterized by the highest service orientation for clients and colleagues. They are the first point of contact for all organizational and infrastructural concerns.

    Bülent Eyrice

    As Support Office, Bülent Eyrice is responsible for the timely and secure provision of resources. The procurement and coordination of logistical capacities at all CORE locations are within the area of his responsibility. Bülent has a professional training as a television and radio technician and has been organizing and managing gallery exhibitions for many years.

    Cathrin Lindacher

    As Senior Human Resource Manager at CORE, Cathrin Lindacher is responsible for all personnel-related matters. As a fully qualified lawyer, having graduated from University of Potsdam, she has profound professional experience in the areas of personnel development and talent management. Prior to CORE, she held various HR positions. With her expertise and practical experience in personnel and organizational development, Cathrin is a competent and trustworthy contact for all employees and the senior management.

    Kim Hildebrandt

    Kim Hildebrandt is a Knowledge Manager at CORE and holds an MBA in media studies. Kim is responsible for the planning and management of our knowledge tools and is the first point of contact for our consultants' research requests.

    Marius Büsken

    Marius Büsken works as a controller at CORE in the Finance and Controlling department. As a graduate in business administration, he is dedicated to the conceptualization and operationalization of tools that enable us to report company-wide. Prior to this, he gained experience in the corporate management of a start-up and was involved in various M&A projects in the USA. At CORE Marius accompanies the management of detailed analyses, optimizes operational processes and is responsible for the reporting of the group.

    Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller works as an Office Manager at CORE across the entire operative office area. As a trained restaurant specialist and with many years of experience as an event manager, he has extensive knowledge of guest care and event management. At CORE, Thomas brings his expertise and multi-tasking talent in, to guarantee smooth operational support. He concentrates on the support of employees and guests as well as the organization and administration of internal processes. In addition, he supports our project teams reliably from the background.