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    • Leadership
      Our leadership is structured according to business responsibility, region and expertise. This facilitates leveraging our specialist knowledge to expand our client base and enhance our market position steadily in order to balance institutional as well as individual growth according to high professional standards. CORE is managed as a partnership acting as first point of contact for both our clients as well as all COREmembers.
    • Experts
      Expert knowledge at CORE: deep vertical domain knowledge, long-standing and specific academic or industrial experience, highly networked in the professional community and accepted in a worldwide peer group. Ready to make an impact with colleagues, acting horizontally aligned, according to the highest professional communication standards. Our secret for success: friction-locked cooperation of experts and generalists.
    • Generalists
      Generalists' expertise at CORE: horizontal context orientation, highly adaptive and analytical competence, communicative strength, will to structure as well as to cultivate cooperation as a competitive advantage, for clients and colleagues alike. Willing to ensure results together with colleagues, acting vertically aligned, in accordance with professional requirements. Our secret for success: friction-locked cooperation of experts and generalists.
    • Base
      Our base secures our gradual increase in maturity of the institution CORE: service orientation for clients and colleagues guaranteed at all times, support before, during and after projects, for example in knowledge management, securing regulatory and legal requirements, development of support processes and tools as well as ensuring the highest standards in HR and finance.

    Competence Leads

    Complexity cannot be reduced, it can only be managed well. Mastering technology management is the key to entrepreneurial success. That is why we focus on the vertical characteristic of domain knowledge, long-standing and specific academic or industrial experience, strong networking in a professionally oriented community and seek the judgement of a worldwide peer group.


    Our experts are sought-after contacts and solution partners for highly complex professional or technological matters. They are also sought-after because they work with colleagues, acting horizontally aligned according to the highest professional communication standards. We strive to tune our projects to nominal operation by building friction-locked teams of experts and generalists that always perform well within accepted parameters.

    Dr. Carsten Wedekind

    As an Expert Director at CORE, Dr. Carsten Wedekind focuses on the strategic alignment of IT architectures. Furthermore, he acts as co-chairman of the lending working group of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN). With a PhD in physics, he has many years of experience in the implementation of IT projects. Before working at CORE, Carsten assisted well-known international companies with introducing standard software packages as well as with individual developments.

    Johannes Rauch

    Johannes Rauch is Transformation Manager at CORE and is one of our leading experts in the field of payment transactions. He studied business informatics at the University of Augsburg and the Technical University of Munich. Johannes can look back on well-founded experience in projects for the implementation of online payment procedures and manages them from strategic conception to go-live. His expertise is regularly requested by leading international payment service providers.

    Kenneth Chu Sam

    As a Transformation Director, Kenneth Chu Sam focuses on the development of IT strategies. At the same time, Kenneth is a recognized specialist in managing complex development projects based on cloud native and microservice architectures. He completed his bachelor and master studies in Karlsruhe with a focus on electrical engineering and information technology, and deepened his technology studies in the field of biomedical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

    Oriane Dinse

    As Transformation Associate at CORE, Oriane Dinse supports the design and implementation of innovative business strategies for financial institutions and insurances. She specialized early in the areas of process and project management, with a focus on vendor management and sourcing. After studying international management, she gained her first professional experience in international project management. Oriane is a sought-after contact and recognized expert for the management of onshore and offshore service providers.

    Patrick Drescher

    Patrick Drescher is an Operations Expert and responsible for operations management and maintenance of global IT systems. He holds a degree in electrical engineering with a focus on telecomunications and communication networks from TU Berlin. Before joining CORE, Patrick gained extensive experience in the management and operation of high-performance data bases as well as high availability applications for global telecommunication companies.

    Dr. Waldemar Grudzien

    As Expert Director, Dr. Waldemar Grudzien deals with security technologies and associated regulations. Together with his teams, he is overall responsible for security aspects in development projects in both, a technical and an organizational dimension. As an electrical engineer with a PhD from the Technical University in Berlin, he was head of a national banking association, being responsible for retail banking and banking technologies. Waldemar is an expert in security regulations and their technological impact on IT infrastructures.