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      An unparalleled wealth of competent colleagues, intellectually challenging topics and interesting clients. If you want to work for market-leaders on site in international locations applying technology others are only talking about, come work for us. CORE offers outstanding individual development opportunities - regardless of your origin.

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      If you believe that COMPETENCE LEADS and CHARACTER MATTERS, you like AMBITIOUS CLIENTS and REWARDING CULTURE, you belong at CORE. We try to minimize diversion and maximize your potential. If this is your ambition, we invite you to contact us.

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    Career Tracks

    As a Tech Think Tank, CORE offers a differentiated service portfolio. We compete with market leaders on their respective topics and work according to highest client demands. The spectrum of our activities ranges from scientific work and elaboration of strategies to the operational management of innovative, technology-driven projects. All of CORE's engagements have one thing in common: leading in organizational set-up, generally operating with the latest technologies and under the highest pressure to succeed. It’s not easy working at CORE, yet we enable one of our industry’s steepest learning curves as well as a variety of topics; with like-minded colleagues and never boring.

    • Research
    • Consulting
    • Engineering
    • Operating
    • Base

    Within the frame of our research activities, we analyze markets and technologies, address structures and impacts of change and curate results for clients and the public. We offer a technology radar and its continuation, elaborate technology assessments as well as fact-based support for decision-making, develop publications and form networks.

    In our Tech Think Tank, generalists and specialists work with methods of strategy consultants and tools of software engineering. We act independently and forcefully in business-critical technology transformations as the senior management’s trusted partner. The foundation of our independence are our deep technology expertise, our gathered experience from different industry perspectives as well as our orientation towards the highest ethical and professional standards; in short: the best idea wins!

    System development based on cloud concepts and software code production has been mastered by many software factories in Europe and around the world. However, the ability to organize the interfaces between strategic and business requirements of clients and software code production, is the key to agile software development and technology transformation projects. COREengineering operates at this interface and ensures with its experts the high-quality planning and steering of agile development projects on the basis of innovative IT architectures. We are a leader when it comes to the design of highly scalable, polyglot as well as loosely coupled IT architectures and control their implementation with worldwide involvement of suitable partners.

    The fast, and at the same time, secure provision of cloud-native applications poses a recurring challenge to classic operating structures. In cooperation with leading global infrastructure operators, we ensure that our specialists fulfill in agile process models and equally in state-of-the-art technologies our clients’ requirements in terms of performance, resilience and security. We enable secured access to modern infrastructures as well as the operation of applications and guarantee the transition into our clients' responsibility.

    The base ensures the organizational maturity level of the institution CORE. The focus of our colleagues' activities lies on providing support before, during and after projects, safeguarding regulatory and legal requirements, introducing, further developing and maintaining methods, processes and tools, and ensuring the highest standards in HR and finance. Our colleagues at the base ensure that all processes necessary for our work are in place in order to meet our clients' high expectations at all times.

    Career Paths

    Depending on experience and training, CORE offers all applicants the possibility to perform according to their capabilities irrespective of seniority. Our career model encourages cooperative collaboration with individual development opportunities, friction-locked cooperation of experts and generalists and achieving top performance.

    • Fellow
    • Associate
    • Manager
    • Sen. Manager
    • Director
    • Partner

    1 Fellow

    From the very beginning you are an integral part of our project teams on site at our clients. Through ‘learning on the job’ and professional as well as methodical training, you will increase your experience working among experienced colleagues on a daily basis.

    2 Associate

    You will take project stream responsibility and continue to learn from experienced consultants who will support you on your career path. In addition, you will mentor younger colleagues and support them in their first professional experiences.

    3 Manager

    As a Manager, you will take project and team responsibility. While doing so, you will be supported through specific trainings as well as by our Directors and Partners. You are able to handle the duality of client and company work and develop multi-tasking skills at the highest professional level. At the same time, you will be the first point of contact for our clients' project managers and their team members.

    4 Senior Manager

    As a Senior Manager, you are responsible for planning and implementing larger projects. You will contribute to client loyalty and act as a mentor for employees of CORE. You will ensure the dimensions of client work, company development and leadership at the highest level and act as a recognized expert for a certain topic within a globally respected peer group.

    5 Director

    As a Director, you have the ability to coordinate and manage several projects. Furthermore, you will contribute significantly to client loyalty. In addition, you will be responsible for an internal topic developing CORE as a leading institution. You are a sought-after capacity and role model for younger colleagues and pave the way for their successful competence-based careers. Besides, you act in close and personal coordination with the Partners of CORE.

    6 Partner

    As a Partner, you are a pioneer and the final responsible party of the CORE institution. You bear client responsibility, ensure the growth of the institutional maturity level and are the first point of contact for employees. You are a respected and equal member of one of the most ambitious working cultures in Europe and have mastered its management. A high degree of humility with regard to the assignment and the unconditional will to succeed in competition with high ethical standards are the hallmarks of a Partner of CORE.

    Apply at Core

    Team-oriented individualists rarely find a home. As a Tech Think Tank, we are a platform, characterized by individual strength, growing through the team's ambition. If you would like to take up this challenge or are searching for a home, we look forward to hearing from you, regardless of the vacancies advertised below.

    • Consultant – Regulatory, Risk & Compliance (m/f/x) See more

      You are an expert when it comes to advising our clients on compliance, data protection and regulatory issues. Among other things, you create and develop risk models for clients in various industries.

    • (Senior) Consultant – Supply Chain Automotive (m/f/x) See more

      You advise international customers from the automotive industry on the optimization of their business processes as well as on the analysis and design of new processes in business and IT and develop innovative solutions in the areas of Supply Chain, Planning, Product LifeCycle as well as Green SCM.

    • Student Professional (m/f/x) See more

      You will gain insights into IT strategy work and support our consulting teams in project work by taking on research activities as well as work packages independently.

    • IT Architect (m/f/x) See more

      You analyze existing IT infrastructures and processes and develop IT and software development strategies to efficiently transfer current IT systems into new architecture paradigms.

    • HR Manager (m/f/x) See more

      You are an initiator and sparring partner for strategic and operational HR topics and you support change projects conceptually and operationally as well as their internal communication to our COREmembers.

    • IT-Administrator (m/f/x) See more

      Manual processes are tedious - you are constantly looking for and developing ways to automate tasks using tools such as PowerAutomate, Powershell scripting, Azure Blueprints, Terraform or Ansible, or similar, and also map business processes (from HR and Finance) in the process.

    • (Senior) Accountant/ Financial Accountant (m/f/x) See more

      You are responsible for the execution of payment transactions as well as short and medium-term liquidity planning.  You are the company's contact person for auditors, financial authorities, banks, etc

    • (Senior) IT Engineering Consultant (m/f/x) See more

      Depending on your expertise, you manage or are part of a team consisting of engineering consultants (m/f/x) accompanying our clients in the technological world of tomorrow.

    • Consultant – Strategy & Transformation (m/f/x) See more

      As part of a holistic team consisting of generalists and IT experts, you will advise our clients in cross-company IT transformations.

    • (Senior) Tech Consultant (m/f/x) See more

      As a (Senior) Tech Consultant you will carry out projects in the areas of digital transformation, IT strategy and IT architecture for the realignment and optimization of our clients' IT landscapes. 

    • IT Project Manager (m/f/x) See more

      As a IT Project Manager you will manage agile software projects from conception to implementation and go-live.

    • Software Engineering Lead (m/f/x) See more

      As a Software Engineering Lead you are responsible for the technical methodical control of agile development teams for new development or modernization of software solutions using modern IT architecture and technologies increasingly in the greenfield approach (e.g. microservice, cloud-based architecture, reactive and streaming-based systems). 

    • Human Resources Specialist – Recruiting & Employer Branding (m/f/x) See more

      You manage the complete recruiting process for consulting and non-consulting roles - from job posting to contract signing and you are responsible for ensuring a positive recruiting experience for all parties involved.

    • Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Expert (m/f/x) See more

      As a Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Expert, you are responsible for the efficient control of processes between business, strategy and IT using Data Science Methods & Artificial Intelligence.

    What employees say


    Results and success are necessary components of our action’s effectiveness.



    Individuality is expression of strength of character, even in professional contexts.


    Rewarding culture

    Individual development in teams with the company - the toughest discipline of career’s development.


    Ambitious clients

    The ambitions of our clients define our aspiration level.


    Competence Leads

    Knowledge, competence and empathy are the indispensable basis of our actions.