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    • Investigation

      The abuse potential inherent in legacy IT infrastructure and architecture designed without fine-grained security mechanisms is often left unaddressed. It must be mitigated by complex workarounds impacting development, maintenance and operation efficiency. Investigating the current state of affairs and designing possible solutions requires both professional and methodical competence as well as a high degree of organizational independence. Confidentiality, accuracy and concise communication are vital for successful action on behalf of committees of affected institutions under suspicion.

    • Analysis

      Sparse information, poor information quality or contradictory interpretation require creative thinking to ensure objective decision-making. Our analyses from COREadvisory support the resolution of informational deficits, secure decision-making ability and the comprehensible documentation of fact-based decisions.

    • Due Diligence

      In merger & acquisition situations, technology asset valuation has always been important. Separating claimed from actual value is vitally important for long-term successful transactions. Investors rely on the analysis and valuation competence of COREadvisory based on in-depth domain knowledge, high methodological competence and long-standing experience, particularly in M&A transactions with a disproportionally high technology component.

    Serious Examination

    The hidden and at times open potential for misuse and damage in complex, historically grown IT infrastructures provides opportunities for multiple misuse. Wilful or negligent damaging of the asset status in connection with the use of technology shows an increasing tendency in the global, but also in the European context. Investigating such suspicious circumstances requires both professional and methodical competence while at the same time maintaining organizational independence. Furthermore, confidentiality, accuracy and highly professional standards are the basis for successful action on behalf of committees of affected institutions under suspicion.

    Task Determination

    The coordination of the work assignment, the preliminary definition of the circumstances, which does not yet claim to define these circumstances exhaustively, usually serves as a working basis for our experts of the COREadvisory regarding confidential questions of our clients' committees. In the course of the investigation, precision is provided which often lasts until the end of the mandate or investigation. It is essential that the questions' exactness correlates with the anticipated exactness of the expected response canon.

    In-depth Examination

    Audit cases of the COREadvisory regularly represent individual situations whose methodical and procedural processing does not make economic sense. However, this circumstance leads to a situation in which, especially in systems with a high functional scope and high functional complexity, the depth of penetration into the facts is low, provided that standard audit procedures are used. Meaningful audits can therefore only be ensured if a high level of experience, methodological and procedural strength and broad technological knowledge are combined. The institutional capabilities of the COREadvisory are aimed at being able to deal with these issues competently, profoundly and efficiently and therefore represent a singular offer.

    Confidential Report

    The results of our audits or consultations regularly affect aspects regarding business strategy and those critical to the success within our clients' business set-up. For this reason, we are committed to the highest degree of confidentiality in the early phases of cooperation, the interim analyses and, in particular, in the later phases of cooperation. Due to this circumstance, corresponding mandates are processed in secure system environments with highly effective encryption and cannot be detected by third parties using state-of-the-art technology.