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    • IT Strategies
      The development, revision or evaluation of IT strategies is based on extensive experience and a robust understanding of current technologies as well as their inherent potential. IT strategies developed by specialists at COREconsulting are characterized by their applicability to implementation and technological flexibility, thus ensuring our clients' technology lifecycle management.
    • IT Architecture
      Architecture as code. The challenge of designing highly adaptive, and, at the same time, massively automated IT architectures, and bringing them into production, requires the ability to store and continue design patterns, using appropriate methods and tools. Having mastered these methods and tools in modern IT architecture management requires in-depth expertise. COREconsulting is one of the few places where a critical number of IT Architects has gathered together in order to provide our clients with the required range of expertise.
    • IT Management
      We support a broad range of market players in the management of complex technology transformations. Our clients are often companies in industries where technology determines business success. To implement sustainable improvements and comprehensive changes to address changing boundary conditions, our clients take the initiative to transform even complex information technology systems despite having to deal with fundamental changes.

    IT Management

    We support companies and market participants in the management of complex technology transformations. All our clients have in common that they take the initiative to strive for comprehensive changes and sustainable improvements in their competitive positions. Particularly complex information technology systems that are deeply rooted in business processes can be a competitive advantage, but also a disadvantage. To reduce the potential disadvantages and to realize the advantages is the business mission of the IT management in COREconsulting.

    Management Support

    Experienced management, familiar with new technologies is a limited resource. We help our clients to temporarily overcome bottlenecks regarding capacity or to bring in competence to compensate for a lack of experience in their own organizations through our specialists. Another positive effect of this form of client support is, on the one hand, the triggering of impulses and, on the other hand, breaking up established structures in a constructive manner.

    Program Management

    Support in program management aims at competently ensuring the program's success in the dimensions time, scope and budget. This includes the development and adaptation of target-oriented programs, the management of projects, critical to the program and the creation of transparency for the superior management, thus ensuring the program's controllability.

    Interim Management

    When it comes to special situations, such as setting up organizations, restructuring them or critical phases in programs or organizations, we provide our clients with senior management capacity for limited periods of time. The aim is to competently cover critical phases and at the same time to exploit our structures' full capacity through the deployment of our Managers for clients. As a result, structures are established or situations are stabilized under efficient use of acknowledged performers.