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  • Business Analysis

    We analyze challenges and develop solution patterns. Productively usable software systems in our clients' business processes, which are critical to their success, depict the results of our work. The use of agile methods in system design enables us, to combine requirements, structured in a heterogeneous manner, from business and IT, in solution approaches. With these patterns, we create the basis to commit teams, in agile contexts, to the efficient production of solutions and to secure their development. Business analysis forms the interface for transferring requirements, formulated in standard language, into algorithms, which are read by machines. The code's production on the basis of our business analyses is oriented towards functionality and elegance, still rigorously taking the necessity of adaptivity into account, resulting in software products, aiming at increasing work's efficiency.

  • Solution Design

    In Europe, we are among the leading experts in the segment of open technologies. We use standards which are based on principles such as simplicity, scale out, loosely coupled, polyglot, reactive and zero downtime. We are committed to providing our clients with the efficiency gains from ongoing dynamic technology development, which is why we rely on close collaboration with the open source community. We ensure that our experts efficiently deploy new technology stacks at any time on the basis of proven frameworks and process models, templates and experience.

  • Product Management

    A software product encompasses several individual characteristics, created on the basis of a common platform. In addition, each product contains individual characteristics in the form of configuration or newly developed software. A product line is determined by its variability. To derive a product, all variants are bound, i.e. configured, replaced by product-specific solutions or eliminated. The aim of software product line development is the reduction of software development costs by targeted re-use of joint parts for recurring user stories. In order to avoid the product variance increasing, the focus is usually on a target group in the application scenarios.

  • Development Management

    The global acquisition of resources, critical for success, such as business analysts, developers and testers, as well as the reuniting of teams, comprising IT architects, lead developers and test managers, represents a major challenge regarding the scalability of development projects. We take up this challenge through methodological and procedural order, as well as by maintaining a global partner network. We meet project requirements through flexible use of resources in the supply structures. We keep the control structures stable in each project phase and thus, are able to satisfy our clients' efficiency requirements to the necessary extent.

  • Test Management

    Testing is an integrated part of the development and operational process in agile contexts. The test management of COREengineering ensures that testing is highly automated, combined with various methods and seamlessly integrated into production; methods of test-driven software development are deployed. The goal is to structurally increase software and system quality through systematic and comprehensive testing and to counteract an erosion of the achieved quality level in release management. Automated error management for developers and integration partners ensures early identification and elimination of errors.


Many software companies all over the world are building big data, cloud-native, containerized, highly automated, high availability, edge computing, HATEOAS-compliant, stateless, eventsourcing architectures in agile teams. Fewer have the ability to manage the interface between strategy, business and development requirements effectively. All aspects of software development technology and organization have to be managed for successful transformation or implementation projects however. COREengineering is ideally situated at the interface between business and IT and ensures quality design, implementation, steering and operation of agile development projects on innovative IT architectures. We love building and delivering highly scalable loosely coupled microservice architectures and have a strong global network of partners that helps us to succeed.