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    • Science
      Abstracting practical knowledge and empirical learnings to identify underlying patterns is at the center of our commitment. Interdisciplinary sources and research are distilled into specific recommendations for action.
    • Collaboration
      We believe in cooperation with the best. This is why we collaborate with the best research institutions and leading commercial enterprises. Find out more about our cooperation partners.
    • Publications
      We believe in information exchange, disputations and competence-based arguments instead of hierarchical thinking. With our publications, our white papers, blog posts and lectures, we share the results of our research on technology developments and their market implications and invite discussion.


    Technology development has been stormy in recent decades and will not lose momentum in the upcoming decades. As complexities in controlling technology increase, the bridge between application-oriented technology research and technology use in industry has developed into an important interface.

    Accuracy of Analytics

    Detailed investigations, in the form of analyses and studies on the dynamics of technology changes in the overall societal and market discourse, form the foundation for an exchange with decision-makers and experts from various industries and spheres of influence. From a global perspective, competitive advantages in the German and European market can only be secured by exchanging information between relevant market participants at the lowest possible threshold. In this exchange, CORE is a regular contributor and active discussion partner.

    Diverse Perspectives

    Different, also interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as new approaches and tools, help to secure strategic decisions and operational success. As uncertainty in decision-making processes increases as a result of dynamic technology development, it becomes essential to consider the interactions of different decision dimensions and perspectives in the process in a more orderly manner than in previous decades.

    Focus on Topics

    Our research focuses on IT architectures, IT security, modern development and operational organizations as well as concomitant regulatory connections. From our perspective, the understanding of these topics represents the greatest challenge for decision-makers in industries with high technologically intended pressure to change. At the same time, successful mastery holds the greatest potential for opportunity for institutions in future competition.