ZAIT – Comparison to BAIT

At the same time as the Banking Authority IT Requirements (BAIT), the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has also updated the Payment Services Authority IT Requirements for Payment and E-Money Institutions (ZAIT). The following blog post deals with the changes to the various requirements and analyses the differences between BAIT and ZAIT. It can be said at the outset that, in comparison, six chapters have remained the same in terms of content, five chapters have changed in part and the changes in the area of "outsourcing" have changed significantly. Furthermore, ZAIT introduces more fine-grained specifications, a framework with target formulations and the freedom of implementation with appropriate measures increasingly becomes a catalogue of measures.

Pension Association –​ Conception of an overarching Pension Dashboard​

Together with an association, a scientific institute wants to establish a platform that creates transparency and comparability within the available selection of pension products. In the course of this, a scientifically based calculation logic will be developed together with partners from the banking and insurance industry in order to subsequently develop a strategic and technical concept - on the basis of which the platform will be implemented.

Value maximisation in human resources through cloud BPO

In today's company landscape, most HR departments lack an understanding and active involvement in business strategy development. Instead significant capacity is allocated for repetitive processes and commodity services such as HR management. In this blogpost, we outline strategies to transform HR from a cost-center into a primary strategy execution lever effectively eliminating administrative overhead.

Transforming the Core. Splendor and Misery of the Inevitable

Macroeconomic conditions, high regulatory pressure, and increasing customer requirements are driving impetus in operational IT management. Successful transformations require that technology management is understood as an integral part of a strategy and that strategic, organizational, and technological requirements are differentiated and taken into account in both the solution design and the control of measures. In addition, the pressure to change must be met promptly and more decisively than in the past.

Apple Identity Wallet - Disruption as a catalyst for digital transformation

Apple's strategy of enforcing an identity management system on local devices to store and reuse sensitive customer information is potentially disrupting the exponentially growing and highly profitable identity market. Possible cooperation and mitigation models are discussed in detail in our blog post "Apple Identity Wallet - Disruption as a catalyst for digital transformation".

The Primacy of Technology

In the face of structural changes in the finance industry, financial institutions are under a high amount of pressure to adapt. After all, their entire business model is being called into question. To structure this change successfully, technologies must be used differently and their problem-solving potential must be harnessed more consistently by managers.