PE-supported dental practice network - strategy development for generating savings potentials and KZBV conformity in IT operations​

A private equity and owner-managed group of medical practices pursue a buy-and-build strategy. The IT of the practices is largely managed decentrally and both the heterogeneity and the complexity increase with each additional practice. Moreover, in addition to already established requirements such as the DSGVO, a new level of regulatory standards has been set with the IT security guideline. To ensure growth, an evaluation of the existing service provider network and the association-wide IT structures is necessary.

Value maximisation in human resources through cloud BPO

In today's company landscape, most HR departments lack an understanding and active involvement in business strategy development. Instead significant capacity is allocated for repetitive processes and commodity services such as HR management. In this blogpost, we outline strategies to transform HR from a cost-center into a primary strategy execution lever effectively eliminating administrative overhead.

Transforming the Core. Splendor and Misery of the Inevitable

Macroeconomic conditions, high regulatory pressure, and increasing customer requirements are driving impetus in operational IT management. Successful transformations require that technology management is understood as an integral part of a strategy and that strategic, organizational, and technological requirements are differentiated and taken into account in both the solution design and the control of measures. In addition, the pressure to change must be met promptly and more decisively than in the past.

The Primacy of Technology

In the face of structural changes in the finance industry, financial institutions are under a high amount of pressure to adapt. After all, their entire business model is being called into question. To structure this change successfully, technologies must be used differently and their problem-solving potential must be harnessed more consistently by managers.

Managing a Successful Go-Live

Core banking transformations are large, long-lasting, business-critical and highly complex IT programs. Risk-minimising measures are therefore particularly relevant not only for managing appointments, implementing planned functions and acting within the planned budget, but also to ensure that effects that put the business at risk are recognised at an early stage and to take preventive action against them. The white paper presents the critical success factors that help to overcome the obstacles of time–budget–functions, for example using the project management methods successfully applied by CORE.