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CORE SE appoints Prof. Dr. Marian Margraf to Supervisory Board

Berlin, June 27th , 2018 – CORE SE has appointed Prof. Dr. Marian Margraf to the supervisory board, further enlarging the high competence of CORE in the areas of online security and cryptology.

Prof. Dr. Margraf, whose teaching responsibilities include the institute for computer science at Freie Universität Berlin and Fraunhofer AISEC, is a proven expert in online security, protection of critical infrastructures, and cryptology.

Following the update of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Second Payment Services Directive as well as the increasing global trend towards mobile/online financial services, his appointment ensures that CORE will continue to outperform in a global competitive environment characterized by increasing pressure on online security and data protection.

Prof. Dr. Margraf: ‘I am delighted to serve on the supervisory board of CORE SE to support the dynamic growth of this successful company. My experience and knowledge of online security complement the broad expertise within CORE and I will ensure that CORE continues to deliver groundbreaking concepts for clients that challenge the status quo while at the same time ensuring security and largely full compliance with international regulations.’

Christian Böhning, Managing Director of CORE SE, says: ‘The appointment of Prof. Dr. Margraf brings acknowledged security expertise to our supervisory board - a critical component for the competence-based development of CORE and our clients' success. We look forward to the collaboration as we move into the next phase of CORE's growth and manage projects that are critical to our clients' success.’

Prof. Dr. Margraf joins Christian Polenz; Prof. Dr. Joachim Schindler; Thomas Klee and Toni Goll on the supervisory board of CORE SE.