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CORE SE launches Pitch your Thesis

Berlin, May 14th, 2018 - CORE SE is launching 'Pitch your Thesis', a program that gives ambitious university students the opportunity to leverage CORE's knowledge and market access for their own research or theses.

‘Pitch your Thesis’ is aimed at both bachelor's and master's students at a European university who are writing a thesis in the fields of computer science, physics, mathematics, humanities or business studies and who focus on technology deployment. Successful applicants will be supported by Managers of CORE over the duration of the program in direct exchange regarding research, preparation and publication of their theses.

In addition, successful applicants receive financial support so that they can concentrate exclusively on their final thesis. In addition, valuable access to CORE facilities, including the knowledge team and library, is provided. Furthermore, successful applicants gain access to the internal curriculum and events in the respective field.

Dominik Siebert, Transformation Manager, CORE SE: ‘We strongly believe in encouraging ambitious students to reach their full potential and succeed in their field. "Pitch your Thesis" aims to attract the best and most intelligent who want to broaden their horizons and become leading in their field.’

Interested students are invited to apply at thesis@core.se . The application should include a curriculum vitae as well as a summarizing explanation of the dissertation/ thesis title, the accompanying motivation as well as the planned approach and structure.