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CORE's specialists are sought-after speakers at conferences and frequent partners in panel discussions. As a result of our research as a Technology Think Tank, we use the professional and public discourse to critically reflect on the developed theses and, at the same time, strengthen our research's intended impact.

  • A world in transition: Security as an economic factor
    Discussing “A World in Transition: Security as an Economic Factor", Holger Friedrich joined Michael Theurer, Deputy Chairman of FDP; Friedrich Merz, Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke e.V.; Esti Peshin, General Manager Cyber Programs of Israel Aerospace Industries: Martin Ruubel, President of Guardtime and Dr. Michael Mertin, Vice-President of the CDU Wirtschaftsrat; in a panel discussion focussed on present and future security challenges, ranging from education and expertise to cyber-attacks and societal infrastructure.
  • Meta level ID management and concrete derivations for the banking industry, politics, science, and civil society
    On May 17th Holger Friedrich spoke about identity management, focusing on how new regulations and innovative technology will shape the future of data usage and protection.
  • How responsible is the customer?
    At the PEX 2018 CORE SE’s Managing Director Holger Friedrich joined together with the Managing Director of DB Digital Ventures Manuel Gerres, Founder and CEO at YES Daniel Goldscheider, Co-CEO of WebID Solutions Frank Jorga and the former Head Of the card and payment strategy of DSVG Sibylle Strack the panel discussion on the topic “How responsible is the customer?”