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CORE's specialists are sought-after speakers at conferences and frequent partners in panel discussions. As a result of our research as a Technology Think Tank, we use the professional and public discourse to critically reflect on the developed theses and, at the same time, strengthen our research's intended impact.

  • The impact of platforms in banking
    A new reality: Technology & innovation induced changes of customer behaviour. Banks vs Fintechs // Banks vs Technology platforms. Digital Ecosystems as new business capabilities for banks.
  • Fireside chat
    Deutsche Bank's President and Co-Head of Private and Commercial Bank Christian Sewing, and CORE SE’s Managing Director, Holger Friedrich, joined the special Fireside Chat in which they touched on the merging of traditional businesses and the new start up realm. The mission? To empower the next generation to build successful, sustainable businesses. 
  • Fireside chat
    On the 23rd of June, Holger Friedrich spoke on the main stage with Axel Springer SE board member Dr. Andreas Wiele about DIPP at the NOAH 2017 Conference in Berlin.