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CORE's specialists are sought-after speakers at conferences and frequent partners in panel discussions. As a result of our research as a Technology Think Tank, we use the professional and public discourse to critically reflect on the developed theses and, at the same time, strengthen our research's intended impact.

  • From iron age to the cloud. Consequences of digital transformation for the organization and IT
    In his lecture, Dr Philipp Krüger discusses the scaling factors of digital business models, organisational requirements, and the relationship between technological requirements. Furthermore, critical success factors and their efficiency independent of technologies were presented.
  • Employees for agile organizations - personnel management in disruptive times. Effects of digitalization and agility
    Changing business and IT impacts require innovative thinking patterns and flexible organisational structures. Which potentials from technologies and how organisations with their employees use them, was discussed at the vbo-forum.
  • Getting there. How IT provides paradigmatic change
    The insurance market is also addressed by a number of innovative companies - InsurTechs. The topic of the lecture in Leipzig is the use of which mechanisms focus on the elements of value added and how insurance companies should and can act in the face of their own technological possibilities.