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CORE's specialists are sought-after speakers at conferences and frequent partners in panel discussions. As a result of our research as a Technology Think Tank, we use the professional and public discourse to critically reflect on the developed theses and, at the same time, strengthen our research's intended impact.

  • Agile (IT) organizations in the financial industry
    The two-day conference tackles the most relevant issue of banks these days. How to manage innovation and technical transformation in the digital age? Experts from the banking and technology industries try to find answers to current challenges.
  • The ability to act. Challenges and possibilities of agile organizations in the banking industry
    The two-day retail banking conference is a leading platform for business leaders to hear from expert speakers on key industry trends such as artificial intelligence, open banking and app-only banking and to meet like-minded professionals.
  • Manage core bank transformations properly. Organizations, methods and tools
    At the centre of the conference events are "Challenges to Core Banking Solutions" with regards to future security, investment protection and security of data and infrastructures. Karsten Trostmann examines the organisational, methodological and tool-side aspect of the management of core banking transformations.