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CORE's specialists are sought-after speakers at conferences and frequent partners in panel discussions. As a result of our research as a Technology Think Tank, we use the professional and public discourse to critically reflect on the developed theses and, at the same time, strengthen our research's intended impact.

  • Paradigm changes in the financial services market. Innovators - Scenarios - Success factors
    Established providers of financial services are aware that not only IT and the interfaces to the customer have to undergo a transformation, but a fundamental change in the way of thinking and structures has to take place in order to be successful in the future. In his presentation, Dr. Mirko Schiefelbein analyzes the structures and success factors of change.
  • Manage core bank transformations properly. Organizations, methods and tools
    The conference supports executives currently setting the course to continue to handle banking transactions efficiently and at a low cost. To meet the ever-increasing regulatory requirements. The main questions are concerning the future security and the investment protection of your current or future CoreBanking solution.
  • Regulation and liberalisation. lecture at the conference "New finance generation financial services providers of the new generation"
    The conference at the Gummersbach-based Theodor-Heuss-Akademie once again focused on the emergent new structures of the market for financial services. The contribution from CORE is to work out, against the background of regulatory requirements, which possible scenarios can be assessed as likely for the established institutes.