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In close cooperation with collleges and universities, CORE supports the building up of knowledge within a dynamically developing technology and market field. We mentor final assignments and offer students and doctoral candidates the opportunity to transfer acquired knowledge. For mutual benefit, we offer an industrial and international perspective at a high level of research and ambition.

  • Big-data-architecture Comparison in the Context of Insurances
    The aim of the bachelor thesis is to give an overview of the topic of Big Data, to show the relevance of Big Data solutions for insurance companies, to objectify the decision making for a Big Data architecture, to derive first results from a comparison and evaluation of selected architectures and to give an outlook on further steps to be taken along the decision process for a target architecture. This thesis is in German.
  • Effects and Challenges of BCBS 239 on Banks and their legal and economic Usefulness
    The aim of the bachelor thesis is to present the challenges and effects of BCBS 239 for German banks, in particular the consequences of a late implementation of this standard, transparently and to evaluate the legal and economic sense of BCBS 239. This thesis is in German.