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CORE's white papers address overarching questions in technology management and develop solutions for individual industries. These far-reaching analyses, illustrations as well as supportive recommendations for action are published annually, are a radar of current and future topics and offer recommendations for action for management structures, confronted with technology challenges.

  • The Empire Strikes Back
    The financial industry has successfully blocked the entry of fintechs into the financial services market. But there is no reason for complacency; technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Alibaba are pushing forward the next phase of technological change, radically acting as platform-driven and harnessing the potential of data and artificial intelligence. The result of this is a far higher degree of autonomy and automation of machines; Conversely, users at least partly waive their autonomy – ultimately having a stronger impact on the financial industry in the future.
  • The Primacy of Technology
    In the face of structural changes in the finance industry, financial institutions are under a high amount of pressure to adapt. After all, their entire business model is being called into question. To structure this change successfully, technologies must be used differently and their problem-solving potential must be harnessed more consistently by managers.