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CORE's white papers address overarching questions in technology management and develop solutions for individual industries. These far-reaching analyses, illustrations as well as supportive recommendations for action are published annually, are a radar of current and future topics and offer recommendations for action for management structures, confronted with technology challenges.

  • The Art of Adhering to Goals
    In the face of the developments in the banking market, driven by digitisation, globalisation and industrialisation, institutions must create the conditions for efficient and effective action in the market. In order to maintain some room to manoeuvre and to keep structural options open, established structures must be modernised and transformation must be carried out in accordance with current and future requirements. Central considerations for a decision on a transformation and its successful information relate not only to economic and benefit-oriented factors, but also to the optimum software system and the required skills and expertise.
  • Bank Attackers
    Established financial institutions are being confronted with enormous challenges in the form of current and future developments. However, market developments, technological innovations, regulatory requirements and changes in customer requirements should not be seen as a crisis, but rather as major opportunities for the finance industry. Banks have a wide variety of concrete options to make successful use of the potential opportunities presented by the changes in the underlying conditions. The white paper BANK ATTACKERS discusses how the changes in the market can be used to expand business models and establish a new quality of customer interaction.