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  • By Launching a Virtual Credit Card, Cornèrcard Carves Out a Path to Market for Apple Pay
    Less than a month after the announcement at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple Pay went live on the Swiss market on July 7, 2016. Up until then, there had been no sign of the revolution at Swiss NFC terminals predicted by Apple, which was mainly due to the fact that only three card issuers – Cornèr Bank, Swiss Bankers, and Bonuscard – support Apple Pay.
  • A New Regime in the Payment Transactions Market
    Technological progress and regulatory requirements are major drivers of change in the financial sector in general and in the payment transactions market in particular. Together, they are leading to a break with the proprietary payment infrastructures established by the banking industry and therefore driving the increasing liberalization of the European and international payment transactions market.
  • Use of biometrics in banking
    Biometrics is the analysis and metrics of living creatures and their characteristics. The aim of biometrics is for the automatized metrics of a person’s individual physiological or unique behavioral characteristic, for the purpose of identification or verification, to be distinguishable from other people.