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  • FinTechs – Evolution or Disruption?
  • Aspiration >> Reality – Being agile as a response to today’s challenges of the finance industry
    The conditions in the financial industry are subject to a structural change. Driven by financial crises, digitalisation, mobilization and immediate availability of computer access by smartphones up to software deployment process on app stores, financial institutions see themselves exposed to a number of new challenges. The White Paper “Aspiration >> Reality” analyses and identifies the challenges for financial institutions and shows the underlying mechanisms of action. It shows solution scenarios for dealing with these phenomena, to anticipate the constant changes and to take advantage of them.
  • Payment Service Directive (s) – New challenges and opportunities in the second edition
    With the approach of a final version of the second Payment Service Directive (PSD) of the European Commission in the summer / autumn of this year, this will increase the pressure on the banks, to do justice to the current and forthcoming requirements of regulatory mechanisms.