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  • Apache Hadoop – A framework for the implementation of Big Data Analytics
    The raw data and the capabilities of the analysis to move are becomingan important competitive factor for companies. In the banking and finance industry, massive amounts of data are generated by multiple services and service performances in the areas of mobile banking, credit, investment, and insurance. The purpose of these collected data extends from the operation of services through the improvement of the offer to the customer to fraud detection and risk analysis. The volume of exploitabledata amounts is today increasing steadily, stands out by its most diverse data types, and requires flexibility in the analysis capability.
  • Follow-up: Apple Pay has been launched
    Apple Pay has launched: with success, in terms of the initial numbers; into a competitive field, in terms of the reactions from other market participants; and only in the US, to the dismay of the German savings banks. But let’s take a look at these points one by one.
  • Agile Processes in Software Development – How Tests Contribute to Project Success
    Agile methods currently applied in the field of software development also play a large role in the finance industry. The main reasons for employing agile models rather than the classic waterfall model lies in increasing the speed of a process, i.e. enabling a more rapid deployment of a software. However, a variety of factors must be taken into account in order to realize this benefit. One factor consists of a modified approach to testing, which must be conceptualized as part of the overall agile development process and must be regarded as indispensable to the success of the project. Another factor is a change in the way partners participate in the development process.