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  • Apple Pay – the Long Road to Quick Payment
    On September 9th, Apple presented the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch and the new payment system Apple Pay. With the introduction of the new payment service, Apple has completed its now five-year journey to setting up a payment functionality that is simultaneously integrated and user-friendly – thereby putting an end to all speculations about its possible participation in the field of payment transactions.
  • Unlocking the Strategic Potentials of Big Data
    Financial institutes are currently faced with the challenge of leveraging the potential of Big Data. On the one hand, they are driven by factors such as decreasing margins and increasing competition in environments characterized by low interest rates and rising regulatory requirements. On the other hand, financial institutes seek to address the growing potential of digitalization and to integrate it in a comprehensive digitalization strategy.
  • Modular Banking – How E-Commerce Businesses are Strategically Forcing their Way into the Financial Services Market
    The strategies of the largest e-commerce organizations extend far beyond pure merchandising. Amazon, eBay, Otto, and the Chinese company Alibaba offer comprehensive solutions that enable not only the exchange of goods across trade platforms and market places, but also the storage and transport of goods as well as methods of payment. Payment services particularly stand out among these elements, as their role has changed from supporting merchandising to being an independent driver of growth for these businesses.