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  • Digitalization and Social Networks as Drivers of Innovation in the Insurance Industry – the Case of “Friendsurance”
    The start-up “Friendsurance” offers insurance products that are based on digital social networks: Friends can buy insurance together and regulate damages up to a certain sum within the circle of friends. If the damages exceed this limit, the classic insurance policy kicks in. The model provides advantages to both customers and insurers.
  • (N)Onliner-Atlas and D21-Digital-Index Shed Light on Digitalization Trends in Germany
    The (N)Onliner-Atlas/D21-Digital-Index published last week shows the development of digitalization in German society for the years 2012 and 2013. While 75.6% of the population was online in 2012, in 2013 it is now 76.5%. While the degree of internet usage continues to rise, the increases since the beginning of data collection in 2001 have been minimal.
  • Innovations in the Financial Services Sector. A Stocktaking
    Today there is consensus about the fact that the finance industry is experiencing a wave of innovation. However, there are doubts as to whether this is a temporary development or one that will change the market in the long-term. While it is not proof of the durability of this change, the permanence of the innovators does serve as a suitable indicator of it: The number of innovators that continue to exist on the market compared to how many have given up their concept and canceled their services.