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  • White Label Concepts in the Market for Innovative Financial Services
    Increasing numbers of white label concepts are to be found in the market for innovative financial services. This is first of all a sign of the rising level of maturity of the developments in terms of the convergence of traditional and innovative banking products. Above and beyond that, this creates opportunities for established banking service providers to integrate innovations straightforward into their product portfolio; but that requires a differentiated brand strategy.
  • Personal Finance Management: A Service Offered by Banks or an Independent Banking Service?
    The innovations in the field of Personal Finance Management (PFM) are representative of the transformation currently taking place in the classic services offered by banks. While the account statement appears archetypal to banks – and to many clients – innovative products have already begun to exploit the potential of the digital preparation of information. These products enable the user to obtain an overview of personal finances, to manage and steer them; they also realize what is technologically possible and thereby react to changed demands on the part of clients; they integrate a changed self-understanding of clients and expand the classic value-added chain not only by including the factor of information, but also the ability of customers to compile information.
  • Database on Innovative Concepts in the Market for Financial Services
    With its recent study on “Bank Attackers”, the COREinstitute in Berlin provided a comprehensive overview of the innovative developments in the market for financial services, along with a detailed analysis of the newest concepts in the fields of payment transactions, personal finance management, lending operations, and asset management.