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  • Database on Innovative Concepts in the Market for Financial Services

    With its recent study on “Bank Attackers”, the COREinstitute in Berlin provided a comprehensive overview of the innovative developments in the market for financial services, along with a detailed analysis of the newest concepts in the fields of payment transactions, personal finance management, lending operations, and asset management.

  • The Market for Mobile Payment Solutions: Scenarios for Future Diversity at the Point-of-Sale

    The market for mobile payments has long been identified as a growth market with great potential. This market is predicted to achieve a sales volume of over US$ 700 billion by 2017, some experts have even forecast that this volume will increase to nearly US$ 1 trillion as early as 2015. The rapid growth of the mobile payment market becomes clear when compared with that of the online payment sector.

  • Technology Transformation as Strategic Competitive Advantage: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is heading towards a successful conclusion of its core banking transformation. Aside from the parallels between this process and Deutsche Bank's current Magellan project, it is CBA's modernization strategy in regard to online and mobile channels that is of particular interest here. This strategy shows how established banks can use their technological flexibility and recently freed up resources to integrate innovative banking concepts into their own portfolio by cooperating with external parties.