Our mission




Technology changes our world fundamentally and there are no predetermined answers to deal with new challenges. We established the Tech Think-Tank CORE as a platform to bring experts and decision-makers from various industries in which technology determines success together. We are trusted advisors to secure and increase growth. We enable our clients to embrace innovation to jointly develop solutions to participate in technological development – individually and institutionally.




Competence leads

CORE is a Technology Think Tank and accompanies the management of complex technology transformations of institutions in which IT constitutes a disproportionately high contribution factor to business success. Based on detailed market knowledge, in-depth technology expertise and high methodological competence, we develop solutions, securing the sustainability of our clients' value chains.



Thought leadership

The high cadence of technology development confronts companies with growing challenges, often to a business-critical extent. The dynamic changes in the markets require a high degree of adaptability on the part of the companies which is achievable only by continuous technology lifecycle management in step with modern organizational forms.



Trusted Partner

CORE is a trusted partner for startups, fintechs, universal banking and governmental institutions, especially in highly regulated industries such as finance, biotech, automotive and aviation. Our actions are guided by the values of trust, performance & expertise: as a reliable as well as trustworthy cooperation partner with a focus on high quality technology delivery with unparalleled professional competence.