Product strategies help companies to be at least one step ahead of the market

  • The speed of change is increasing - ongoing validation of the strategy(s) is necessary for long-term success

  • The design of innovative strategies and products requires the unification of technology and market expertise

  • Good product strategies can be implemented immediately in order to realise successes quickly and in a resource-saving way


Reference items

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Data protection and trust together serve as the raw material for a successful digital economy. There exist clear potential for opportunities in the active, technology based design of compliance with legal requirements.

29th September 2020

Market situation in Product Innovation and Strategy


The speed and diversity of change is increasing rapidly. A constantly changing environment requires that changes be anticipated in the best possible way, that needs for action and opportunities be recognised and realised without delay. Companies that do not continuously monitor the process of change lose market share to competitors and fail to usethe potentials to expand their own competitive position.
We, therefore, support our clients - both large companies from the financial industry and up-and-coming start-ups - in developing promising product strategies. We interpret the process of strategy development as a joint effort in which our expertise on the latest technological developments and current trends in the market environment is combined with the specific product know-how of our clients.
The result of this cooperation often leads to competitively differentiating product innovations. Our aim is always to develop strategies that can be implemented and lead to visible results at an early stage. Always with the motivation to be at least one step ahead of the competition.


How we approch the challenges


Our COREresearch knowledge base enables us to provide in-depth market analyses for a wide range of industries and companies. We identify customer needs, compare them to the current product and service portfolio of our clients and derive technological measures to address identified gaps and potentials. As a result, we optimise the competitive position of our clients by adapting existing services and designing new product ideas.