The transformation from the analogue world to the digital one

The importance of software development has increased rapidly in the last decades. Transformation is ubiquitous and everyone has heard of agile projects, the Scrum framework, and perhaps even Domain Driven Design. These frameworks and methodologies can be used as examples of well-known software development paradigms, but they are not just three examples from a wide variety of paradigms: in technology-driven and volatile times, they need more than ever to be executed with a good understanding of what works and what does not in the real world. 
As a technology think tank, we strive for excellence, just as we value experience. In our software development projects, we therefore use a variety of proven yet innovative paradigms and frameworks. 
Depending on our clients, specific project goals, environmental factors, development partners, and others, we choose the right approach, as we have proven many times. 
We transform core banking platforms, develop mobile apps and can help our clients every step of the way.  


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The Primacy of Technology

In the face of structural changes in the finance industry, financial institutions are under a high amount of pressure to adapt. After all, their entire business model is being called into question.

8th September 2016

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