Success Story

Development of a digital bank in the Middle East region​

  • Building a digital mobile banking solution for a Middle Eastern market

  • Development of mobile apps for iOS and Android and a modern, technical infrastructure

  • Vendor selection and control throughout the development process


Initial situation

A leading telecommunications provider wants to offer a digital mobile banking solution. In the underlying market, there are already providers for digital payment solutions, such as salary payments, but not yet a complete digital banking solution.
The demand for cashless payments is very high due to the hardly developed ATM infrastructure on site. However, the client does not yet have a banking licence, which is necessary for further market roll-out.
The main objectives of the project are thus the development of mobile banking apps for the iOS and Android platforms, the establishment of a modern, technical infrastructure and the training of internal employees to further develop the solution internally and to start banking operations.



Requirements analysis
  • Analysis of business requirements based on existing mobile banking solutions
  • Conducting Domain Driven Design workshops with technical and IT experts
  • Definition of non-functional requirements
Conceptual design
  • Vendor selection of core banking and KYC providers
  • Preparation of development combined with gradual scaling of the number of developers
  • Creation of an architectural concept
  • Continuous requirements analysis
  • Implementation of basic banking functions (e.g. payment and transfer processes)
  • Building infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code
  • UX-oriented rapid prototyping approach
  • Creation of clickable prototypes
  • Analysis of user behaviour during the beta test approach


Benefits for clients

  • Development of modern, UX-focused mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Development of a future-proof and scalable technical infrastructure
  • Vendor selection and control in a complex software development context
  • Optimised UX experience through continuous test management and user feedback cycles
  • Support in the development of the go-to-market strategy for the product
  • Implementation of the development process in a resource-efficient and agile MVP approach