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      An unparalleled wealth of competent colleagues, intellectually challenging topics and interesting clients. If you want to work for market-leaders on site in international locations applying technology others are only talking about, come work for us. CORE offers outstanding individual development opportunities - regardless of your origin.
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      If you believe that COMPETENCE LEADS and CHARACTER MATTERS, you like AMBITIOUS CLIENTS and REWARDING CULTURE, you belong at CORE. We try to minimize diversion and maximize your potential. If this is your ambition, we invite you to contact us.
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      Nothing is more valuable than personal contact to gauge whether our ambitions align. We offer a variety of opportunities within the Academy and at our invitation, in formats designed for you.

    How to apply

    We value individuality and strength of character, especially in a professional context. At CORE we balance extrinsic and intrinsic motivation through freedom of thinking and working as a team. Team-oriented individualists love working with us. Candidates without perceptible motivation for our topics and values even when fulfilling other important criteria will however not be permitted access. CORE is a Think Tank of Tech enthusiasts offering ambitious people a home and the opportunity to gather.

    Focus on People

    Our business is people business. We are successful because we ponder complex questions with inspiration and competence. Fostering this ability as an institution requires strong team players who are willing to challenge themselves and their peers continuously. The reward for working at CORE is a steep learning curve and rapid personal development as you will work on ambitious tasks together with our clients, embedded in strong teams with world-class experts using state-of-the-art methodology and tooling. This experience will last a lifetime!

    Entry Levels

    Gain insight - We offer Students of all disciplines the opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into our daily work: with the project teams on site as part of our client activities or at one of our locations - become part of CORE through an internship for a period of three to six months.

    Apply your knowledge - We offer Graduates the opportunity to apply your acquired academic knowledge in practical contexts and expand your skills through challenging tasks. Our colleagues have diverse backgrounds in engineering, technical or natural sciences, humanities and business studies.

    Create benefit - Professionals are characterized by analytical skills, professional competence as well as a wealth of experience that they continuously expand. We offer you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and to exchange ideas with peers who appreciate your valuable results.


    We do not advertise vacancies, we are looking for team-oriented competence bearers. Therefore, an application is possible at any time and by anyone. Also the application process is designed individually, as graduates are subject to different requirements than experienced specialists. Telephone interviews and diverse discourses, also on site at our locations, convey the possibilities and development perspectives. In return, we gain an insight into your imagination, your knowledge, your motivation and give us an impression of your personality. We also value peer recruiting: a potential future colleague from the desired area of assignment is integrated into the recruiting process so that open questions can be answered competently. In case your path leads you to us, it goes without saying that a connecting coach is part of the onboarding process. This way, assignments to topics and areas of deployment can be harmonized with your experiences and ideas in the early phases of your entry.

    Apply at Core

    It’s sometimes difficult for highly specialized and motivated team-oriented individualists to find a professional home. As a Tech Think Tank we are a platform characterized by individual strength, growing through the team's ambition. If you would like to take up this challenge or are searching for a team of like-minded individuals we look forward to hearing from you, regardless of the vacancies advertised below.

    • Consultant - Strategy, Advisory & Transformation (m/f/x) See more

      As a Consultant you are working in teams composed of experts and generalists to support technology-driven strategy development or its implementation.

    • Senior Consultant – Strategy, Advisory and Transformation (m/w/x) See more

      As a Senior Consultant you are responsible for a holistic team consisting of generalists and IT experts - together you advise our clients on the basis of your technical knowledge in cross-company IT transformations.

    • Consultant - Business Analyst (m/f/x) See more

      As a Business Analyst you are responsible for the analysis of banking problems as well as existing systems and processes in the field of Receivable Finance, payment transactions, compliance and credit business.

    • Consultant – Data Analyst (m/f/x) See more

      As a Data Analyst you are responsible for the sub-area of data analysis in agile, complex transformation projects with the aim of further developing and modernizing the IT systems of established market participants.

    • Operations Engineer (m/f/x) See more

      As an Operations Engineer you are responsible for the ensuring the smooth operation of our public customer systems in complex Cloud environments, in cooperation with internal and external partners.

    • Consultant – Payment Expert (m/f/x) See more

      As a Payment Expert you are managing the project/sub-project of complex IT projects related to financial services at banks, processors, payment service providers and other digital payment providers in the context of modernization, digitization and regulation.

    • Operations Manager (m/f/x) See more

      As an Operations Manager you are responsible for the guarantee of a secure and robust IT infrastructure for our customers in close cooperation with internal and external interface partners.

    • Consultant – Regulatory and/or Compliance Specialist (m/f/x) See more

      As a Regulatory and/or Compliance Specialist you are advising our clients on the analysis, planning and implementation of regulatory requirements (in particular MaRisk, BAIT and Insurance Supervision Act).

    • Junior Consultant – Digital Solutions, UX/UI, Mobile, IoT (m/f/x) See more

      As an expert for digital solutions, UX/UI, Mobile or IoT you are analyzing the needs of our clients (both professionally and IT-wise) and you are developing viable and innovative IT solutions.

    • Security Ambassador (m/f/x) See more

      As a Security Ambassador you are responsible for the planning, coordination and management of IT security projects with a focus on critical infrastructures, networks, identity and access management, as well as ISMS.

    • Security Analyst (m/f/x) See more

      As a Security Analyst you are responsible for the in-depth analysis of IT security issues with regard to attacks, measures and tools for clients.

    • Consultant – Risk Specialist (m/f/x) See more

      As a Risk Specialist you ate responsible for the development and implementation of tailor-made concepts for our clients, for the development of sustainable risk management systems as well as the development of concepts for risk identification, measurement and control.

    • IT Architect / Software Architect (m/f/x) See more

      As an IT Architect / Software Architect you are developing software architectures for agile, cloud-based as well as complex business-critical applications.

    • Database Engineer (m/f/x) See more

      As a Database Engineer you are responsible for the structured collection, development and implementation of data and database systems to meet client specifications and requirements.

    • Fullstack Java / Java Script Developer (m/f/x) See more

      As a Fullstack Java/JavaScript Developer you are responsible for implementation of innovative products using modern technologies and frameworks in the Scrum and Extreme Programming approach.

    • Software Engineering Manager (m/f/x) See more

      As a Software Engineering Manager you are responsible for the technical methodical control of agile development teams for new development or modernization of software solutions using modern IT architecture and technologies increasingly in the greenfield approach (e.g. microservice, cloud-based architecture, reactive and streaming-based systems). 

    • System Architect (m/f/x) See more

      As a System Architect you are responsible for the analysis of existing processes, application landscapes, infrastructures and solutions as well as for the implementation of requirements, taking into account the company-wide architecture specifications and operational implementation of our clients' IT strategies.

    • Consultant – Product Owner (m/f/x) See more

      As a Product Owner you are responsible for the end-to-end design and delivery of our clients' digital products as well as for the creation and management of all project-related documentation, including project plans, status dashboards, change management and rollout plans, stakeholder communication, project updates and roadmaps.

    • Senior Consultant – Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (m/f/x) See more

      As a Senior Tech Consultant you are responsible for the efficient control of processes between business, strategy and IT using Data Science Methods & Artificial Intelligence.

    • DevOps Engineer (m/f/x) See more

      As a DevOps Engineer you are responsible for the performance and error analysis, optimization and troubleshooting as part of 3rd level support to meet challenging SLAs for mission critical systems.

    • IT Procurement Manager (m/f/x) See more

      As an IT Procurement Manager you are responsible for the development of strategies in IT purchasing for projects of varying complexity.

    • Head of IT (m/f/x) See more

      As a Head of IT you are responsible for the harmonization of IT requirements with the strategic goals of CORE as well as you overall responsible for ensuring ongoing IT processes and the continuous development of internal and external systems.

    • Social Media Manager (m/f/x) See more

      As a Social Media Manager you are responsible for the development and publication of relevant multimedia content that leads to a positive interactive experience as well as the communication of CORE's quality standards in social media.

    • Content Marketing Manager (m/f/x) See more

      As a Content Marketing Manager you are responsible for the editorial, target-group-specific content planning and ensuring content production, including coordination of service providers and authors.

    • Student Professional (m/f/x) See more

      As a Student Professional Consulting you are a part of our team and you will gain insights into IT strategy work, IT development as well as the transformation of industries where IT has a high share in value creation.

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