Success Story

Strategy and concept for a national Open Banking Plattform

  • Building an open banking platform for the Swiss financial sector

  • Development of a strategic target picture

  • Vendor selection procedure


Initial situation

International financial services provider wants to build its own open banking platform for the entire Swiss financial sector - various stakeholders are unbound regarding the scope and goal of the new platform. In addition, a strategic target picture and the processes for the further development of the platform are missing. The technical evaluation of potential suppliers and the outsourcing of technical development are imperative.



Vision alignment
  • Aligning the objectives of banks and supervisors with the vision of the platform
  • Improving the strategic target picture in the dimensions of service users and providers, service offer and technical capabilities
  • Derive a comprehensive business plan and the measures to be achieved
Use case development cl.
  • Development of a qualified procedure for the selection of new APIs and use cases with the involvement of the relevant players in the Swiss financial market
  • Design appropriate governance to steer the project
  • Identification and prioritisation of potential use cases
Technical assessment/ development
  • Technical and functional analysis of the existing platform
  • Deriving the technical target state of the platform from the product and business objectives
  • Preparation of the strategic decision regarding the development partner
  • Elaboration and evaluation of development strategies to reach the target stage of the platform


Benefits for clients

  • Development of a strategic vision, derivation of a business plan and coordination with various stakeholders (e.g. banks, WeKo)
  • Establishment of a programme office and management
  • Development of a qualified procedure for the selection of new APIs and use cases
  • Development of an API platform that covers numerous cross-sectional functions with regard to security, billing and standardised interfaces
  • Identification of the relevant technical capabilities and recommendation of a suitable provider