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VERIMI Security White Paper

Key Facts

    • Secure digital identities are the basis for legally compliant and reliable business transactions online
  • VERIMI’s aim is to implement a safe and user-friendly identity management for users, companies and authorities, complying with existing privacy regulation

  • Together with Fraunhofer AISEC and COREengineering, VERIMI is publishing a white paper giving a transparent introduction to their security set-up

  • The white paper invites both the public and experts to participate in the discussion concerning data security and ID management

Ensuring safe ID management is essential for data protection compliance and online business transactions. VERIMI, together with Fraunhofer AISEC and COREengineering, is publishing a white paper which is transparently outlining their security set-up and contributing to the public discourse of security and data protection.

“For a long time, security has been an ongoing discussion. VERIMI’s identity platform integrates many of these thoughts and creates a user-friendly service. By publishing a transparent white paper on VERIMI’s security design, together with Fraunhofer AISEC and COREengineering, we invite the public as well as experts to join an open conversation and exchange on security, data protection and digital identity”, says Holger Friedrich, CTO at VERIMI and Board Member at CORE.

Digital business is largely based on the collection, analysis and use of data. This allows companies to be contextual and add value of personalization to the individual. What many however fail to ensure, is securing an ecosystem where the user is given a clear overview and control of what data is being shared – and to who.

“VERIMI is a secure and convenient digital identity tool, offering a solution to manage personal details online, where data protection is at the very core. The white paper is giving a clear view of the security aspects of VERIMI. We see the publication as a contribution to the overarching technical discussion of security issues and expressly welcome constructive feedback”, continues Friedrich.

The increase and enhancement of security in the digital space is undisputed. The white paper reflects on the necessity and importance of safe ID management, and outlines the security formula of VERIMI: its current functional scope, the technological aspects, organizational process and structure.

Please download the full White Paper here.