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  • SEPA Request-to-Pay – Innovation driver or a castle in the air?

    The growth of e-commerce and non-cash POS payments has increased significantly, benefitting card organizations in particular.

    RTP offers an opportunity to reorder the balance of power: embedded in an E2E payment instrument, it could offer advantages for end-customers, merchants and banks - especially in terms of costs and convenience.

    In addition to the chicken-and-egg dilemma of adoption, there are further challenges that make players hesitant about product development.

    These could be resolved in the short term, provided the measures proclaimed in the EU Retail Payment Strategy are implemented. Could this be the missing piece of the puzzle for SEPA-based retail payments?

  • The Retail Payments Strategy of the EU Commission

    The EU Commission identifies Retail Payments as the lifeblood of the European economy and publishes in the sense of open strategic autonomy’,a paper to promote pan-European solutions and reduce dependencies on global actors and platforms.

    Central to this is the enforcement of SEPA instant payments, flanked by regulatory measures to imporve competition and establish SEPA as an international standard.

    If implemented consistently, this will have an enormous impact on the infrastructure and business relationships of financial service providers, merchants and their customers.

    But early and smart acting also enable enormous opportunities.

  • Value maximisation in human resources through cloud BPO

    In today's company landscape, most HR departments lack an understanding and active involvement in business strategy development. Instead significant capacity is allocated for repetitive processes and commodity services such as HR management. In this blogpost, we outline strategies to transform HR from a cost-center into a primary strategy execution lever effectively eliminating administrative overhead.