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  • Value maximisation in human resources through cloud BPO
    In today's company landscape, most HR departments lack an understanding and active involvement in business strategy development. Instead significant capacity is allocated for repetitive processes and commodity services such as HR management. In this blogpost, we outline strategies to transform HR from a cost-center into a primary strategy execution lever effectively eliminating administrative overhead.
  • Making it explicit - Comparison of prediction abilities for different AI-methods
    To implement meaningful and high-quality data analyses, data preparation is of paramount importance. One step in data preparation is feature engineering - an optional process designed to make information implicit in the model explicitly accessible. Feature engineering requires the use of domain or expert knowledge to make the information explicitly available. Feature Engineering is investigated in this blog post against the background of different models using information extraction from temporal data. The consideration of domain knowledge for Feature Engineering seems to be useful and essential for the creation of more detailed analyses, also considering the effort involved.
  • Apple Identity Wallet - Disruption as a catalyst for digital transformation
    Apple's strategy of enforcing an identity management system on local devices to store and reuse sensitive customer information is potentially disrupting the exponentially growing and highly profitable identity market. Possible cooperation and mitigation models are discussed in detail in our blog post "Apple Identity Wallet - Disruption as a catalyst for digital transformation".