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  • Opt-In – Priority Regulation GDPR Puts Pressure on Industries with a High Proportion of P&L within Third-Party Marketing of User Data
    With the upcoming introduction of the new GDPR regulations, businesses such as the media enterprises and marketers are facing new challenges. The new regulations require the consent of users via opt-in, in order to use and process personal data. Hence, these rules might have significant influence on business models and the way data is being stored. Especially for media companies, the use of personal data has become a key driver for its business. Thus, the current changes are expected to create a decrease of roughly 30% in revenues, caused by the fact that the consent of personal data use has to be requested again. Based on the provided insights, three solutions are being proposed, in order to showcase how to apply these in the business setting, highlighting that none of these fully comply with regulatory requirements. As a result, the creation of personalised content is at risk. In the near future it has become of utmost importance for companies to re-formulate new solutions, in order to be able to elevate, process and pass on personal data.
  • VERIMI Security White Paper
    Ensuring safe ID management is essential for data protection compliance and online business transactions. VERIMI, together with Fraunhofer AISEC and COREengineering, is publishing a white paper which is transparently outlining their security set-up and contributing to the public discourse of security and data protection.
  • VERIMI is gradually launching its ID and data platform
    The new identity and data platform VERIMI has been successfully launched as part of a phased approach in Germany. The first partners supporting the single sign-on service via the green VERIMI Button are Deutsche Bank and Bundesdruckerei. Apart from the simplified login, one of the main features currently offered by VERIMI is the video ident process, which offers its customers the opportunity to legitimate and store their ID Card or Passport via the platform for future use. In addition, functionalities such as the qualified electronic signature, payment services and the management of personal documents will offer the user the possibility to identify and authenticate via governmental services. VERIMI is designed as a central and cross-industry platform, allowing the user to transfer already existing partner data into the profile as well as to use VERIMI to register a partner’s account. Most importantly, the user remains in control of the data at any given point in time, by allowing the user to decide, which data can be shared with partner service providers.