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  • Value maximisation in human resources through cloud BPO
    In today's company landscape, most HR departments lack an understanding and active involvement in business strategy development. Instead significant capacity is allocated for repetitive processes and commodity services such as HR management. In this blogpost, we outline strategies to transform HR from a cost-center into a primary strategy execution lever effectively eliminating administrative overhead.
  • Anti Aging for IT - Maintaining flexibility - managing renewal
    IT systems exhibit a phenomenon very similar to the human ageing process. They become more cumbersome as they get older and lose the ability to adapt to changing market conditions quickly enough. The resulting challenges can no longer be met by approaches of classical enterprise architecture management. The technology management of IT systems must be established as a continuous and evolutionary architecture process in such a way that the necessary scope for innovation to increase productivity and quality is created without simultaneously increasing the complexity of the overall IT landscape.
  • IT due diligence for M&A deals
    Consolidations through M&A transactions continue to increase in the financial industry as a result of externally driven transformations. Due diligence in the analysis phase often focuses primarily on legal and financial aspects and ignores the most critical aspect for long-term success: Complications arising from underestimating the technological due diligence often lead to a lack of synergy effects. The main focus of the IT Due Diligence, which must be carried out additively, is the architectural analysis. The CORE IT Due Diligence Framework enables a holistic review of the technological fit of the target object.