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  • Intel pursues a comprehensive NFC Strategy
    The further establishment and market penetration of NFC-based mobile payment solutions are dependent on the collaboration between multiple players. In particular, smartphone manufacturers, wireless carriers, and credit card organizations must work together to create a functioning ecosystem and present solutions for customers.
  • mPayment Developments Reach the German Market
    Developments in the field of mobile payments are forging ahead. Credit card organizations, mobile phone manufacturers, wireless carriers, banks, and start-ups are all presenting new productions, partially under the umbrella of new collaborations. These players are increasingly addressing the European and German markets.
  • Wireless Carriers Roll Out mPayment Products
    Wireless carriers are currently situated at an interface between various services and products. They sell smartphones, possess differentiated access to customers, and provide an important part of the technical infrastructure in their role as network operators and issuers of SIM cards. The latest product launches and announcements show that wireless carriers are using this departure point in order to present their own products and services on the mPayment market.