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  • iZettle – mobile Payment-Service at the Point of Sale
    Alternative ways of payment represented one of the key issues of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. iZettle is one of the few companies in this context which want to capture the market from the suppliers’ side. While other providers of mobile payment services act on the demand side by enabling buyers to use mobile payment, iZettle focusses on the point of sales on the sellers’ side.
  • iWallet means Apple is clearly positioning itself in the mPayment Sector
    On 06.03.2012, Apple acquired a patent for a control and management system for mobile payments. The patent includes the definition of transaction and release rules for payment processes of subordinate accounts. The control system thereby enables users to define limits for individual payments as well as for payment time periods; additionally, users can specify regions, product groups and merchants.
  • Crowd Funding – A Growing Market in Germany
    After Wikipedia proved that crowd sourcing can be successful, the US company Kickstarter is now demonstrating that crowd funding also works: Through Kickstarter’s website, creative projects gain a platform from which to appeal to a community of private individuals for financing. While the market for this type of funding has already begun to firmly establish itself in the USA, it has only just launched in Germany – but it is off to a promising start.