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  • Shared leadership as a key element to make agile methods work
    More and more firms are turning to agile methods in order to increase their rapidity of innovation in complex, dynamic environments, and to manage processes of change. In practice, however, the adoption of these methods often comes into conflict with hierarchical structures within teams. Introducing new roles (such as Scrum Master) is not in itself enough to sufficiently change these structures. The new management concept of “shared leadership” has recently come into consideration as a way of successfully introducing agile project management.
  • Regulatory developments in 2017: new year, renewed challenges?
    The New Year Reception of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on January 10 gave an indication of the regulatory agenda for 2017. During the event, BaFin’s president, Felix Hufeld, spoke of a year “full of tasks, demands and pressures”. This overview of the regulatory challenges makes his meaning clear.
  • AliPay – the main silent competitor for digital payment solutions
    Changing customer needs, the liberalization of regulations, and the related digitalization of the payment market are having an ever greater effect, as seen in the proportional increase in the use of mobile payment methods. This being the case, it is expected that the global customer base will have increased by ~51%, and the volume of transactions by ~85% by the end of 2020.