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  • The Open-Source Approach in Risk Management has High Efficiency Potential for For Financial Institutions

    Risk management is one of the core competencies of the finance industry. This sensitive field’s immunity against technological developments has long since evaporated, with models and methods influenced as a result. In particular, data and new ways of exploiting it (think big data and, to an increasing degree, artificial intelligence) are having a transformative effect and challenging the previous organizational models employed by institutions.

  • EBA Public Hearing on Strong Customer Authentication and Secure Communication under PSD II

    The EBA public hearing on Regulatory Technical Standards, specifying the requirements on strong customer authentication and common secure communication under PSD II, took place on September 23. The public hearing is an integral part of the consultation phase and regularly provides a summary of the initial consultation phase, as well as an insight into how the RTS are likely to shape up.

  • Database of InsurTechs in the German Insurance Market

    Insurers are faced with ever-recurring changes. Indeed, technological developments are posing new challenges for insurance companies already well established in the market. Innovative companies recently set up in the insurance industry (InsurTechs) are already using successful technology-driven business models. They are increasingly participating in areas of real net output (net value added) in the business of risk.