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  • IT Security Act – New Requirements for Critical Infrastructure Operators
    If we consider that 40 percent of global value creation is already based on information and communications technology, it is clear that secure and sound IT infrastructures will be an important factor in selecting a business location in the future. With Germany’s cyber security strategy, the German government is pursuing the goal of guaranteeing cyber security at the highest level, establishing Germany as one of the most secure digital locations in the world.
  • Market entry strategies of technology providers with own mobile payment solutions – opportunities for banks through a cautious approach
    The virtual payment market is in a state of flux due to the increasing importance of e-Commerce and contactless payments at the point of sale. This results from the increasing prevalence of NFC-enabled terminals and the simultaneous provision of mobile payment solutions (wallets) by technology providers. Along the conventional processing structure comprising schemes and issuers, a third kind of player is establishing itself: technology providers such as Apple, Samsung and Google are joining forces with international credit card companies to successfully provide end consumers with mobile payment solutions on their devices, and are, therefore, gaining even more ground on global markets.
  • The Next Generation of Mobile Communication: Launch of 5G as from 2020
    The Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication, mobile virtual reality, instant payments – until recently, these terms all seemed to describe far-off visions of the future, but now represent actual technical innovations we can expect to see in the next few years.