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  • Modern business intelligence architectures provide high potential for Analytics in Insurance Company
    The amount of data in the network increases exponentially. The importance of the evaluation of these large amounts of data – Big Data Analytics – plays especially for insurance a major role.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) – symbiosis of regulatory requirements and technical innovations
    In recent years, the classical retail banking business has been characterized increasingly for its transformation. Along with the progressive digitization and the rapid growth of e-commerce industry, however, an increased amount of incidents of on-line identity loss occurred.
  • Payment Service Directive II -Technical specification and implications
    The amendment to the Payment Service Directive (PSD II) follows the European regulator’s intention to further strengthen competition in the field of payment services. Initiatives taken by financial institutions such as the ZOB interface (Central on-line banking interface) or FinTS (Financial Transaction Services), led to a variety of reasons for insufficient market acceptance.