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  • And yet it moves – Banks’ initiatives in the market for payment services

    It’s not news to anyone that innovative developments in the financial services market have an impact on the payment transactions segment. While six months ago the market was being flooded by attachable devices for smartphones and tablets, followed by the introduction of multiple apps targeting the payment transactions at supermarket tills, the next wave of developments already seems to be heading our way, only this time, the main initiators are actors who are rather new participants in the field of innovation: the banks.

  • Uncertain Banks – Main Challenges Lie in Regulations and Changed Customer Expectations

    The uncertainty among finance institutes is high. Despite the post-crisis environment of 2013, banks find themselves under increasing pressure to act. This pressure results, on the one hand, from the intensified regulations that aim to provide more security for savers and investors, but lead to heightened insecurity for banks. On the other hand, the pressure stems from the growth of innovators from non-banking and near-banking fields. Players who come with nothing other than their trust in the idea that small-scale approaches will function as well as heavy-hitters in non-banking sectors such as commerce and telecommunications are turning their attention to parts of the finance industry’s value-added chain and putting pressure on banks.

  • How Data Evaluation Technology Can Provide a Competitive Advantage for Financial Institutes

    The amount of electronically stored data is growing rapidly. Between 2010 and 2012, the amount of data stored worldwide increased by more than half to a total of 2.8 zettabyte. Between 1999 and 2003, the annual yearly growth of stored data was around 30%.