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  • (N)Onliner-Atlas and D21-Digital-Index Shed Light on Digitalization Trends in Germany

    The (N)Onliner-Atlas/D21-Digital-Index published last week shows the development of digitalization in German society for the years 2012 and 2013. While 75.6% of the population was online in 2012, in 2013 it is now 76.5%. While the degree of internet usage continues to rise, the increases since the beginning of data collection in 2001 have been minimal.


  • Innovations in the Financial Services Sector. A Stocktaking

    Today there is consensus about the fact that the finance industry is experiencing a wave of innovation. However, there are doubts as to whether this is a temporary development or one that will change the market in the long-term.


    While it is not proof of the durability of this change, the permanence of the innovators does serve as a suitable indicator of it: The number of innovators that continue to exist on the market compared to how many have given up their concept and canceled their services.


  • The Financial Services Market Seen through the Prism of Conferences

    Recent conferences in Switzerland and Germany highlighted the topics that banks currently consider relevant. Striking in this context is the fact that banks are not only increasingly addressing innovations they themselves have developed, but that innovators themselves are being given the floor.