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  • The Financial Services Market Seen through the Prism of Conferences
    Recent conferences in Switzerland and Germany highlighted the topics that banks currently consider relevant. Striking in this context is the fact that banks are not only increasingly addressing innovations they themselves have developed, but that innovators themselves are being given the floor.
  • The Modernization of Finance Institutes through IT Transformation
    For businesses, a powerful and agile IT system is an increasingly important factor for success. This principle is especially true for IT-intensive sectors in which companies must constantly keep up with technological developments. In particular, large companies that have grown over the years face an enormous challenge regarding aging IT systems and simultaneously increasing cost pressures.
  • Innovation and Digitalization in Banking – Topics and Trends 2013
    2012 was without a doubt a challenging year for banks. A crisis of confidence, scandals and down-sizing, on the one hand, were juxtaposed with comprehensive modernizations and the first inklings of an opening up for innovations on the other hand. While finance institutes in the retail sector are more focused on their own development due to their size, subsidiary structure, technology foundation, and regulatory system, digitalization means that innovators are moving into the market with new concepts, leading to a further diversification of the market.