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  • Due Diligence for Corporate Transactions in the Age of Platform Economy and Digitalization
    Digitization is transforming the world as we know it. Our daily work will be challenged by increased automation (so-called Work 4.0), our production processes will be adapted to Industry 4.0, and our value chains will be broken up while platforms will enable new modular and customizable businesses.
  • EBA begins talks on guidelines regarding reporting incidents of payment fraud
    In line with Article 96(6) of PSD II, payment service providers must submit statistical data on fraudulent cases according to different methods of payment to the supervisory authorities at least once each year. The relevant authorities concerned then send a summary of this information to the EBA and European Central Bank.
  • Final Recommendations of the EBA on Notification Requirements for Non-Cash Transactions in the Context of PSD II
    The deadline for initial notification has been significantly extended from 2 to 4 hours following identification of the incident. Due to reorganization of the three notification types, it is no longer necessary to provide as much information in the initial and interim notifications. This is due to the newly introduced “completion” of the notification forms, meaning that only the final report needs to contain all information pertaining to the incident. The criteria previously referred to as “Level 1” and “Level 2” proved insufficiently self-explanatory and have been replaced by the terms “Lower Impact Level” and “Higher Impact Level.” For the Higher Impact Level criterion, the number of transactions concerned has been increased from one million to five million euros.