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CORE's white papers address overarching questions in technology management and develop solutions for individual industries. These far-reaching analyses, illustrations as well as supportive recommendations for action are published annually, are a radar of current and future topics and offer recommendations for action for management structures, confronted with technology challenges.

  • Aspiration >> Reality
    The fundamental and accelerated changes in technology are presenting the finance industry with massive challenges, and the way those challenges are managed is crucial to the future market position of a financial institution. Cost-cutting and complexity reduction are not fitting responses to the structural changes of the present, such as the macroeconomic environment, digitisation, competition, changes in customer behaviour and regulatory requirements. To succeed, banks must aim to be agile, innovative organisations.
  • Managing a Successful Go-Live
    Core banking transformations are large, long-lasting, business-critical and highly complex IT programs. Risk-minimising measures are therefore particularly relevant not only for managing appointments, implementing planned functions and acting within the planned budget, but also to ensure that effects that put the business at risk are recognised at an early stage and to take preventive action against them. The white paper presents the critical success factors that help to overcome the obstacles of time–budget–functions, for example using the project management methods successfully applied by CORE.