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  • Greenfield Transformation in the Finance Industry - 5 Key Success Factors
    Approaches aimed at increasing functionality with smaller budgets are frequently discussed at management level in established companies, but are rarely successfully implemented.
  • verimi – new registration, identification, and data platform to launch at the turn of the year 2017/2018 with new partners on board
    The cross-industry registration, identification and data platform partnered by leading German and European companies is taking shape. The platform now has a name: verimi, a combination of the words “verify” and “me”. Introductory information about the platform can be found at www.verimi.com. The venture will be based in Berlin and employ over 30 people when it launches. The platform venture is well on schedule and will go live with an online digital “master key” (Single-Sign-On) at the turn of the year 2017/2018. This will make logging onto websites much easier and using web services much more secure.
  • The Empire Strikes Back. Banking | Technology | Platforms
    The technologically driven change in the financial industry is entering a new phase. While banks have developed a common digital ecosystem with fintechs over the past few years, technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Alibaba have been shaping new structures – a growing impact on the financial industry in the future.