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  • Quo vadis PSD2?
    On 14th September 2019, the obligations for strong customer authentication of the PSD2 will take effect. As a reaction to the ongoing discussion since then and the continuing lack of clarity regarding the interpretation of the implementation requirements specified in the final "Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)", the EBA published a further position paper on 21st June 2019 - less than three months before the RTS came into force - which, according to the EBA, was the final position paper.
  • Global, digital currency - utopia, dystopia or liberation?
    The Libra Association, an organization of currently 28 institutional members from various industries, has announced the launch of a crypto currency called "Libra" in 2020. Among the independent members is Facebook, which is currently the major driving force until the official launch and is planning with its subsidiary "Calibra" to release a wallet of the same name for Libra. The project is therefore often mistakenly referred to as "Facebook currency", but the actual scope and motivation, according to the recent white paper published by the Libra Association, goes far beyond that.
  • EBA PSD2 RTS Comment - Clarification of uncertainties raises new questions
    On September 14th 2019, the PSD2 will become applicable national law. The obligations of strong customer authentication under Article 97 of the PSD2, which are specified in the "Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication and secure communication in cashless payment transactions" drawn up by the EBA, will thus also take effect.