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  • Deutsche Bank Taps New Business Potential with “Magellan“

    The work took about two and a half years – now the first step has been implemented, as planned in 2010: With “Magellan,” Deutsche Bank has launched the most modern high-delivery platform for banking services in Europe. Since the beginning of July, five million savings accounts of Deutsche Bank have migrated to the new platform that encompasses the entire IT as well as all processing systems of private and corporate customers in Germany. By 2015, all accounts and business processes will have been transferred to Magellan.

  • Innovative Finance Services in Light of Regulatory and Legal Requirements

    Regulations and regulators play only a marginal role in most thinking about innovative developments in the market for financial services and in the self-perception of many new concepts. However, the true importance of these institutions and their sometimes complicated material recently became very apparent to eBay. The introduction of its new payment method in Germany had to be postponed until next year due to demands by the Federal Institution for Financial Services (BaFin).

  • Apple’s Passbook – Another Step Toward the iWallet?

    At its annual developer conference (WWDC), Apple provides insight into the future of the Apple world. As a result, developers are not alone in anticipating and intensively following the conference. The run-up to the conference gives the entire computer and online development world room for speculation about new Apple products and strategies.