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  • Wireless Carriers Roll Out mPayment Products
    Wireless carriers are currently situated at an interface between various services and products. They sell smartphones, possess differentiated access to customers, and provide an important part of the technical infrastructure in their role as network operators and issuers of SIM cards. The latest product launches and announcements show that wireless carriers are using this departure point in order to present their own products and services on the mPayment market.
  • NCR Silver Appears as New Competitor to Square and PayPal Here
    The market for mobile payment options is constantly astir. It is currently expanding to include a new component that seeks to appeal to smaller businesses as well as to larger companies who already possess a checkout system. NCR, a globally operating US firm and market leader in the field of cash dispensing machines, scanner checkout systems and data warehousing, recently announced that it would release NCR Silver as a new product starting in June 2012.
  • Square and Starbucks Expand Their Mobile Payment Services
    Progress continues to be made in the world of mobile payment services. The mobile payment provider Square is expanding its app to include the option of paying without a credit card, while Starbucks is also integrating new functions into its app. This points to the fact that already established providers of new payment systems are striving to further improve their services.